Write an explanatory note on the histology of testis and ovary

This subject area covers the male reproductive system and the urinary system in addition to the female reproductive system.

Write an explanatory note on the histology of testis and ovary

What are the functions of testis and ovary?

Testis Development - Embryology

It is an organ whose main function is to produce sperms. In the testis, seminiferous tubules are surrounded by the interstitial tissue. In this tissue, there is a type of cell known after a scientist, Leydig.

These cells of Leydig become activated by the luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland and start synthesizing testosterone hormone. Testosterone is produced at the onset of puberty age of sexual maturity. Testosterone helps in the development of secondary sexual characters in the male, for example, moustache, beard, etc.

In the ovary, there are a number of immature ova. One ovum is allowed to mature at a time.

write an explanatory note on the histology of testis and ovary

Each ovum is surrounded by follicle cells in a particular manner. When the ovum becomes mature and is about to be released, some of the associated cells secrete estrogen hormone. This hormone causes estrous heat and brings about changes in the female body, one of the changes being the development of breasts.

When the ovum is released ovulationthe associated cells remain in the ovary and wait for a signal or news. If the news comes that the ovum has been fertilized and attached to the uterus i. They begin to secrete two hormones, namely, progesterone and relaxin.

These hormones bring about changes in the body of pregnant female. If there is no fertilization of ovum, these two hormones are not secreted.In mammals, sex is determined by the action of the testis-determining gene on the Y chromosome, SRY, which directs the differentiation of the indifferent male gonad into a testis [1–3].

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In the absence of a Y chromosome, and SRY, the indifferent gonad follows the default pathway and differentiates as an ovary. This chapter deals with the normal macroscopic, microscopic, and ultrastructural morphology of the human ovary, and its hormonal function.

Since the anatomy and function of the ovary vary Anatomy and Histology of the Ovary | SpringerLink. Histology of Ovaries and Testes. Block 3 Lab practical October 24, STUDY. PLAY. How long does the follicular phase last for? ~14 days. Order to following parts of the uterine tube from furthest away from uterus to closest to uterus: ampulla, isthmus, fimbrae, infundibulum.


Mar 07,  · • The suspensory ligament of the ovary extends from the tubal end of ovary to the lateral wall of the pelvis. It contains the ovarian blood vessels and nerves.

It . Histology of ovary 12, views.

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histology of male reproductive system Subhajit Hajra. Histology of Testis by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Mashwani Mohammad Manzoor. histologic structure of female genital system wayan.

Embryology of the Testis Parks and Jameson Endocrinology (3)– Human Testicular Development T. Klonisch et al. Developmental Biology () 1– 8 week human 7 week • INSL3 expression in the ovary initiated day 6 after birth.

testicular descent through the inguinal canal • Human: completed by week 35 in the human.

write an explanatory note on the histology of testis and ovary
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