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Will writing companies ukc

It took me seven years to qualify as a solicitor, and many more gaining further relevant qualifications and experience. If only I had realised there is a much simpler route. He thought the will-writing company he had been using had told him to get a local solicitor to deal with something, but was not sure what that was.

So far so good. This is fairly standard will writing companies ukc and something I might advise: In - two months before she died and while seriously ill - the wife decided that she wanted to be cremated not buried as she had previously stated in her will.

Clearly recognising a further opportunity, the will-writing company advised her she needed a new will — with everything else the same. The husband could not remember the cost of this as his wife was dying at the time.

Needless to say, whoever reviewed the will at this point did not spot the previous error, but copied it into the new will. The only reason to do a new will at this point should have been to correct the previous error, not to change funeral arrangements.

The gentleman clearly did not understand what had been arranged and was convinced that the whole house was in some kind of trust and immune from any future claim for care fees. When his wife died, he contacted the will-writing company to inform it of her death.

will writing companies ukc

What the company in fact did was draw up a new will for him unnecessary because the first will also provided for second deathand referred him to a sister company which sent a death certificate and RX1 to the Land Registry, leaving him as the sole proprietor with two restrictions on the register.

I have encountered a similar situation previously with wills drawn up by another will-writing company which has since ceased trading. There was a right of occupation to the wife, but the property was also left to her via residue.

Even this, though, is not an option in the latest case, as it is now over two years since the wife died and therefore too late. When the husband dies the whole house or what is left will fall into his estate and be a potential target for any care fees paid by the local authority on his behalf.

The fact is that some of these companies provide shoddy advice at exorbitant charges. He would have been dealt with personally by a qualified solicitor.

He visibly paled; he thought solicitors would be more expensive, which is a myth promoted by greedy companies seeing vulnerable old people as another business opportunity. It also turned out that the reason he had been told to go to a local solicitor was to store his documents with them; this is a service we provide free of charge.

The Law Society needs to start promoting the use of local qualified specialist lawyers in this area and highlighting the pitfalls of using the remote services of firms with dubious credentials. Urge people to ask what qualifications and experience their adviser has, and to phone around local solicitors for a price comparison — they might find they are pleasantly surprised with a professional service for a lower cost.As long-term members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and with a team of experienced will writers who are all STEP qualified, our clients know that they can trust us to deliver high quality services and to perform all will-writing work in accordance with relevant UK laws and guidelines.

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• Disappearing wills and will-writing companies: Our survey respondents report high incidences of will- writing companies going out of business and their clients’ wills subsequently disappearing. This is despite many of the clients paying substantial sums for the safe storage of their wills.

As a solicitor specialising in private client work, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by attacks on my profession by big businesses muscling into the legal arena, which try to claim some kind.

will writing companies ukc

The Will Company was set up to serve financial advisers and their clients with a Will writing service allowing the adviser to take instructions from their clients in an easy and timely manner.

The Will Company recognised that the time frame from instruction to drafting needs to match the usual appointment schedule with clients.

Writing a will really is easier than you think. What are you waiting for? | Money | The Guardian