Water photo essay

Read the previous posts about why people join the academy and what the academy trainees learned during a field trip to evaluate sites for a group project. On a hot summer day north of Elkton, Maryland, seven trainees in the Cecil County Watershed Stewards Academy reached an important milestone. Earlier, the trainees had chosen a site for their group project: The trainees had spent nine months in the Cecil academy being prepared to lead efforts in their communities to better manage stormwater runoff.

Water photo essay

Water photo essay

High Water Line Martin Luther King Day was a gorgeous winter day in San Diego, perfect for visually demonstrating the effect of climate change on one of our favorite communities, Mission Beach. Sea-level rise is already starting to affect this popular beach community, and by high tides will be reaching across Mission Boulevard.

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The purpose of demonstrating this threat was to create public support for a stronger Climate Action Plan CAP for San Diego in an effort to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change.

Because Mission Beach has already experienced some effects of sea-level rise, notably at high tides during storms, we found that most business owners and residents see the need for stronger public policy to mitigate climate change.

Canvassers were able to gather fifty-three signatures from business owners, employees and residents to urge the San Diego City Council to adopt a stronger Climate Action Plan.

Ray Paulson gets a signature and a free sample! Some of us returned to eat a late lunch there after the HWL event. Jeanne and Ellen are all smiles: Time to get started.

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The media showed up right from the start. See links to media coverage below photo gallery. So, how does one go about generating so much interest and media coverage for chalking a high-water line? You can come along with us as we walk north on Mission Boulevard, chatting with news folks, tourists, residents and business owners along the way.

Ellen runs the chalker while Rachel Eggers spreads and sets the chalk line with a broom.A Photo Essay of the Hmong Experience at Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand by Pao Lor, Hmong Studies Journal, 3 Morrison, ; Yang, , and Her, .

Photo Essay: Caretakers of the Coast | Our State Magazine

Feb 27,  · The journey of a water bottle begins at the manufacturer. Thousands of bottles proceed along a filling line at Nestle Waters' Vittel bottling plant in northeastern France.

Waterfalls in Arkansas Photo Essay Two large mountain ranges cover about two-thirds of the state - The Natural State - so yeah, we have striking waterfalls in Arkansas. Get acquainted with the hypnotizing natural phenomenon of waterfalls in Arkansas graciously provided by Mother Nature herself.

Photo Essay: Transforming Vulnerable Communities Through Water Access in Madagascar

Photo Essay: The Uneasy Relationship Between Humans and Nature rain harvesting, and recycled water. “It was an unforgettable experience,” says Foglia, a photographer featured in WIRED.

Water photo essay

Photo Essay: Caretakers of the Coast Grassy marshes, fishing traditions, maritime forests: Some of our state’s greatest treasures thrive along our shores. In a region of constant change, a group of scientists, educators, and volunteers are preserving our coast for future generations.

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - Photo essay: Children and water 17 March Lack of safe water is a public health emergency for children and their families.

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