The question of appropriate responses of law enforcement officers in delicate situations

They can work in police stations, hospitals or fire stations.

The question of appropriate responses of law enforcement officers in delicate situations

Answer Yes They must be armed more than or equal to the criminals in order to protect the public. Should a sworn law enforcement officer have a college degree?

It is not a requirement in most places. Who is the head law enforcement officer in Florida? Who is the chief law enforcement officer in Texas? Is it against the law if you fail to comply with a law enforcement officer? Answered by Reid Breitman. This is for information only and you should consult a lawyer before relying on anything on the internet.

It is dangerous to your health not to comply with a law enforcement officer. Having said that, I think the law is that one must comply with any lawful order or instruction given by a law enforcement officer.

So if an officer tells you to go kill someone, or a bad cop orders a driver to provide sexual favors, obviously those are not lawful orders and they can be disobeyed.

But unless one is absolutely certain that the order of a law enforcement officer is unlawful, it is safer to follow it. You might not know the underlying reasoning for the order, and the officer might not have the time to explain it to you, or might not be at liberty to explain because that could divulge confidential or sensitive information.

Sometimes, you just have to trust law enforcement officers to know what they are doing. What is an obstruction on law enforcement officer? Also if i ask a member of staff for information on the company or how things are run at the premises e.

You also may be invited in for an interview under caution to explain yourself as to why you obstructed the Officer.

The question of appropriate responses of law enforcement officers in delicate situations

You can see its better to work along with Law Enforcement Officers or face the consequences!! Who is the chief law enforcement officer in the US? Can prior service members of the military who become police officers wear military ribbonsmedals on their law enforcement uniforms?

What are the jobs of law enforcement officer? Having a job in Law Enforcement can span across the board. There are so many different positions in the city, state, and federal Law Enforcement jobs, that this is a difficult answer to give.

I do write a blog that covers a lot of information regarding the many positions and what each of them do. All law enforcement jobs? How do police enforce laws? Police are like socks. They have red and green. Red light green light!!!! Horray 4 police What book would cover police and law enforcement?

W-A-Y too big a question to be covered here.

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Try a search engine.Jun 22,  · The most important skill law enforcement utilizes is quick recognition of a situation and appropriate response, it can mean the difference between life and death for officers sometimes. I work extensively with L.E. officers, it should have been obvious to .

Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals ONLY; The Squad Room; Chaplains in the Cruiser , PM. The reason for my original question stems from my memories of riding with officers in my early days as a chaplain (about once a week), and being aware that some of them really didn't want me around.

These must be honored by law enforcement officers to prevent a violation of Constitutional rights. Identify the criminal and civil consequences an officer can face by violating a citizen's constitutional rights.

The question of appropriate responses of law enforcement officers in delicate situations

Officers and Law Enforcement Professionals ONLY The Squad Room If this is your first visit be sure to check out the frequently asked questions by clicking here FAQ. Law enforcement officers face delicate situations on a daily basis.

These situations require immediate and appropriate responses from these officers.

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Police exercise a great amount of discretion. Misuse of discretion can lead to society questioning police tactics and policies. How do we jud.


7 Correctional Officers must be able to remain calm and make sound decisions quickly in emergency situations. He/she must be able to maintain their poise in tense situations and handle controversial and/or delicate matters with skill and confidence.

Should police officers enforce the law equally in all situations