The cookie program essay

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The cookie program essay

Background Origin of the name The term "cookie" was coined by web browser programmer Lou Montulli. It was derived from the term " magic cookie ", which is a packet of data a program receives and sends back unchanged, used by Unix programmers.

MCI did not want its servers to have to retain partial transaction states, which led them to ask Netscape to find a way to store that state in each user's computer instead. Cookies provided a solution to the problem of reliably implementing a virtual shopping cart.

The first use of cookies out of the labs was checking whether visitors to the Netscape website had already visited the site.

Beat the Clock Essay Sample Cookies Cookies You may have noticed that Web sites are getting smarter by the day. We can one step further by learning about our user and using information gained about them to personalise the web site.
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Support for cookies was integrated in Internet Explorer in version 2, released in October In particular, cookies were accepted by default, and users were not notified of their presence.

The general public learned about cookies after the Financial Times published an article about them on February 12, Cookies were discussed in two U.

Federal Trade Commission hearings in and The development of the formal The cookie program essay specifications was already ongoing.

In particular, the first discussions about a formal specification started in April on the www-talk mailing list. But the group, headed by Kristol himself and Lou Montulli, soon decided to use the Netscape specification as a starting point.

In Februarythe working group identified third-party cookies as a considerable privacy threat.

The cookie program essay

The specification produced by the group was eventually published as RFC in February It specifies that third-party cookies were either not allowed at all, or at least not enabled by default. At this time, advertising companies were already using third-party cookies.

RFC added a Set-Cookie2 header, which informally came to be called " RFC -style cookies" as opposed to the original Set-Cookie header which was called "Netscape-style cookies".

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Session cookie A session cookie, also known as an in-memory cookie, transient cookie or non-persistent cookie, exists only in temporary memory while the user navigates the website.

Persistent cookie Instead of expiring when the web browser is closed as session cookies do, a persistent cookie expires at a specific date or after a specific length of time. This means that, for the cookie's entire lifespan which can be as long or as short as its creators wantits information will be transmitted to the server every time the user visits the website that it belongs to, or every time the user views a resource belonging to that website from another website such as an advertisement.

The cookie program essay

For this reason, persistent cookies are sometimes referred to as tracking cookies because they can be used by advertisers to record information about a user's web browsing habits over an extended period of time.

However, they are also used for "legitimate" reasons such as keeping users logged into their accounts on websites, to avoid re-entering login credentials at every visit.

These cookies are however reset if the expiration time is reached or the user manually deletes the cookie. Secure cookie A secure cookie can only be transmitted over an encrypted connection i.

They cannot be transmitted over unencrypted connections i. This makes the cookie less likely to be exposed to cookie theft via eavesdropping.A Guide to My Custom Essay. Students ought to work with a selection of resources. It is the type of showing your individual freedom which can be used to discharge us .

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