Rencontre nocturne fanfiction

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Rencontre nocturne fanfiction

Renaissance comes to its end. A formidable adventure started the 11th Marsalmost one year ago, date when I officially published the first chapter of my fiction directly taking place after the movie.

I know it has been very long, because I have sometimes lacked of time, and also of motivation to write, so I sincerely want to thank all the people who have continued to follow the publication of the chapters and who sent me numerous support messages.

I will keep you updated about the evolution of this project, because I will have more time to spend regarding this question now that Free Fall: Once again a big thanks to all of you and good reading!!

If it were up to me, I would take my Golf and join him in order to stay with him forever. At work, colleagues compliment me, because they must see that my silence and my sadness from previous months have turned in a joy and happiness that nothing could stop.

As a teenager living his first romance, I am continuously bound over my cell phone, watching out for any text message from Kay. This is our only way to communicate besides phone calls until we can see each other again.

Especially since you have been absent several times lately. You walk on a tightrope. When I come back in the evening, I discover with amazement Bettina in the living room, cradling Max. Lena is not here anymore. Bettina stands up and approaches me.

I would like to try to put the pieces back together.

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I have not tried to understand what you were getting through, because I was overwhelmed by anger and rage. I am surprised by this speech. Max is just as much your son that he is mine, so I thought you also had the right to raise him.

And from what I was able to speak with this Lena, you have been a perfect father. A moment of silence follows. For the first time in many months, I finally feel Bettina is ready to listen to me, even if I blame her for having abandoned Max.

Of course, I am also guilty in the first place to have cheated on her. We sit down on the couch, and for several hours, I tell her from every conceivable angle my feeling, but also everything that happened during her absence, including my search for Kay and our reunion.

As she has not seen Max since a long time, I propose her to keep him for a few days, which she accepts with pleasure. Because, as she said, Max needs her just as much as he needs me. This child was born from our union, and nothing can change that, whatever the actual situation is.

Now that Max is the hands of Bettina, I focus myself for the rest of the week on my job to go on again on good bases. I spend each evening in our previous house in order to visit Bettina and see Max. Our relation, though still tense, significantly improves. I finally have the feeling my life is regaining little by little a normal appearance, what I thought would have been impossible four months ago.rencontre nocturne fanfiction site de rencontre femme kabyle solteros sin compromiso primer top latin american dating site une rencontre bande annonce yo mejor app para conocer chicas site de rencontre sur lyon pou Recently Updated Profiles.

Young Justice: Legacy PlayStation. Avec ce site j’avais vraiment envie de partager mes créations littéraires, ce qui a commencé avec Nocturne.

Mais tout a vraiment pris de l’ampleur depuis que je poste Free Fall: Renaissance qui rencontre un franc succès. Dragon: Deux êtres que tous oppose Item Preview remove-circle Après avoir capturé un Furry Nocturne, l'un des dragons les plus mystérieux, il va faire une rencontre qu'y retera gravé dans sa mémoire.

(ATTENTION: spoïlage) Author Riuchika-san.

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AuthorID Messenger from the Past Earned by 16 (%) of 1 game owners. Trophy Difficulty: Piece of Cake Obtain all Jecht Spheres. 8/2/ c1 leina très bon texte. je l'ai littéralement dévoré.

Rencontre nocturne fanfiction

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