Problems faced by international students in uk

Share via Email Being an international student in the UK can come with challenges. But not all conform to that stereotype: For them, life is a struggle. Without a family in the country to call on for help, poor international students are vulnerable and overlooked.

Problems faced by international students in uk

Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems. International study is a Problems faced by international students in uk common thing nowadaysstudents tend to study abroad for different reasons. Most universities in the UK have a considerable fraction of their students from overseas. Therefore this essay will discuss the most common three problems that overseas students face when they study in the United Kingdom which are academic, cultural and education problems.

Also it will show some possible solutions for these problems and they will be evaluated. The United Kingdom offers one of the best education experiences, therefore many students tend to study there.

Problems faced by international students in uk

On the other hand, international students in the United King? As Lebcir, Wells and Bond indicate that the academic performance is defined as how students do in their examscourse work or even their dissertations.

In effectsolutions have to be provided to help students to improve their academic performance and help them to success in their university life. Planning has been interacting to help students to increase their academic performance rather than causing them problems.

Specifically, courses have been made to help students in their English so that they can communicate easily and adapt with the new language. Also, teachers tend to ask the students about studying methods that will help them on their course classes. Moreoveruniversities are asking students to take courses that are made to help them to manage and adapt their new study materials which differ from those of their countries.

In this case the academic performance of the overseas students can be controlled if students tend to use the methods that are provided to help them in the United kingdom universities. The second major impact on the students is the culture shock, which is one of the problems that most overseas students suffer from.

Culture shock is an issue that not only new students suffer with it but students from all over the world suffers with it when they study abroad. As overseas students travel to the United Kingdom they will face a new and different culture that may cause them problems.

Culture is a big combination from different things ; for example culture is related to traditions, language, food, accommodation and time difference.

International students usually suffer from the previous culture difference which causes them many problems that may impact on their study and life in the United Kingdom. Suffering from these effects will lead to one consequence that they will suffer from a culture shock which is a new thing that they never had suffer from before.

As for an example, in the United kingdom food is very different and many people do not like it and this may shock the international student because they would expect much better than they will see. This will make students more reliable on their own to have better food, so that may result in the student learning to cook their own meals rather than having English food.

Moreover, the tradition in the United Kingdom should be different than they have back home because each country has its own tradition even if there is a similarity with other countries ; consequently overseas students have to get used to these traditions and learn about it as much as they can.


Universities can help the students to identify the traditions by having some cultural event, in particular arranging the events between the international students and the United Kingdom residents so that this will help them to understand the English culture effectively.

In this case overseas students do not know about this impact because they will not suffer from it until they travel to study. Consequently, the third and last major problem that effects overseas students the social impact of studying in the United Kingdom.

The social impact on international students is very high because this affects the students outside the universityyet it still has effects on their studying performance.

The social life of the student is very important to help him to control the other problems that he suffer from while he is studying in the United Kingdom.

Homesickness, finance management, lack of friends, weather and health are the common social impacts that effect on the students. Students who travel to study abroad will find it difficult to deal with these impacts that they had easily in their own countries.

Although these are common problems, still there are some solutions that will help them to overcome this issue. Universities in the United Kingdom started to do some work to help overseas students in their social life, therefore most universities have created social groups that arrange social events such as parties that can help students to get to know each other, while on the other hand courses and departments are held to help students Consequently, this shows that overseas students suffer from social problems.

Yet, these problems can be solve and contribute to help students in their social life which will effect positively on their performance inside and outside the university. To concludestudying abroad is not an easy choice and therefore many students who tend to study or had chosen to study abroad had made a huge step in their life.

In this casemost students who chose to study abroad are motivated but still not all of them now that they will suffer from problems as a result of this choice. Therefore studying abroad must be considered and planned for because lots of overseas students regret this because of problems that they suffered while they were studying in the United Kingdom.

Tradition are different in each country moreover the United Kingdom traditions and life style are difficult to adapt. In this casestudent have to consider studying abroad very carefully because it will affect on their studying life in different ways and aspects.

Problems of adjustments [online]. A case study from a British post 92 University. Problems Faces by International Students in the UK Every year there are around , international students enrolled in universities around the UK (UKCISA). Studying abroad for a lot of these students is a privilege, however it can be a stressful experience for various reasons.

- Topic: discuss three problems faced by international students in the UK. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems.

It is widely acknowledged that United Kingdom receives millions of students every year from all around the world. An average of 10% of students in universities all across the UK are international students from countries all over the world.

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