Pest analysis of videocon

The economy of Chhattisgarh recorded a growth rate of 6. Tea production[ edit ] Chhattisgarh State is ranked as the 17th-largest tea-producing state in India. The districts of Jashpur and Surguja are favourable tea production areas. In Jashpur district, the first tea plantation, Brahmnishthajaya Sogara Ashram was established under the direction of Pujya Pad Gurupad.

Pest analysis of videocon

The head quarters of Nokia are in Espoo, Uusimaa, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. InNokia was ranked by Fortune Global as th biggest enterprise in terms of revenues.

Nokia was formed originally as pulp mill, but then it served the telecommunications infrastructures in a big range of products and also supported the technology development and licensing. Nokia played a very significant job to boost the mobile telephony sector through its technological expertise in other fields.

Therefore it helped to develop GSM and LTE standards and remained one of the top vendors in the world in this category. Nokia ultimately entered into an agreement with Microsoft in to completely use its Windows Phone platform on future smart phones. The regulations related to the production, import, export and the policies required to fulfill the requirements to set up an industrialized plant by overseas companies, effect Nokia strategies to expand business in different countries.

The Nokia has been situated in the European country of Finland, the government over there has not been given much perks to the Nokia. Nokia has been doing a lot of business with the Microsoft which has itself opened many new avenues to the political arena.

What is a PEST Analysis?

There are many new political domains of the contemporary world that are directly or indirectly impacting Nokia in many ways. Economic Factors Economic factors of various countries should be analyzed.

Nokia needs to confirm that where it can set its business operations to get maximum profit. The interest rates, exchange rates, demand, taxes and buying power of the targeted population is very necessary.

They hugely effect both the country and company operations. Nokia has been suffering a great downfall with the increased turmoil in the whole Europe. The economic decline in Europe has greatly laid great ramifications on the Company.

Apart from this Nokia itself is lacking the revenue need to be spend on the intense research require for making the product which is up to the mark as well as economical for the customers from every background.

Social Factors Social factors involve different features like education, modernization, advancement and development and population somehow too. Nokia can put best efforts to operate globally in countries with high trend towards the cellular products.

Culture, age and geography are although point of consideration in social dynamics, but enough acceptances towards the cellular technology sector successfully is more important.

The biggest concern of Nokia at this very moment is that Nokia has collaborated with Microsoft and in the contemporary scenario it is the Android that has been fascinated by the customers.

There are many applications which are not available in the windows phone of Nokia. These social factors should always be the things to be considered.

It is the time for Nokia to change its norms and to set new benchmark for the Company. Technological Factors Technology is one of the very significant factors in cell phones industry.

Innovation is very fast therefore current and speedily creativity is necessary. The way to produce devices and specially the features they contain are more significant.

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Nokia should focus on this deeply. Nokia has not been actively involved in adapting the state of the art technologies in order to attract he maximum number of customers from around the world.

The dearth of using the latest technology has been the major cause of the downfall as compared to other companies.Videocon d2h Limited PESTEL analysis is a strategic tool to analyze the macro environment of the organization. PESTEL stands for - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental & Legal factors that impact the macro environment of Videocon d2h Limited.

Videocon electronics is studied in terms of its stp, swot analysis and competitors along with tagline, USP and sector. What Is PEST Analysis? The PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological.

This analysis is used to evaluate those four factors that can affect the performance of your business analysis and determine how those factors will affect your business in the long run. The PEST analysis is often used together with the SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.

PEST Analysis is a simple and widely used tool that helps you analyze the Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, and Technological changes in your business environment. This helps you understand the "big picture" forces of change that you're exposed to, and, from this, take advantage of .

PEST is an acronym for political, economic, social and technological.

Pest analysis of videocon

It's a way of understanding how external forces impact your business. It was created by Harvard professor Francis Aguilar in Videocon d2h Limited PESTEL analysis is a strategic tool to analyze the macro environment of the organization.

PESTEL stands for - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental & Legal factors that impact the macro environment of Videocon d2h Limited.

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