Math in my major

Convexity in Hierarchically Hyperbolic Spaces 4:

Math in my major

What are the demographics of UH math majors like? How many are female? How many are minorities? The UH Math department encourages both women and minorities, as well as members of other historically underrepresented groups, to consider majoring in mathematics.

Math in my major

The UH Math Department is dedicated to providing additional support and encouragement for students from underrepresented groups who want to major in math. For example, some of our faculty serve as Mentors in the Math Allianceand each year our department provides funds for some of our math majors to attend national conferences specifically aimed at supporting women and minorities in mathematics.

Are there any special degree programs or concentrations that the UH Math Department offers? In addition to the standard B. Here are the course requirements for Mathematical Biology.

What is it like being a math major? What is mathematics like beyond calculus? As a field of study, mathematics is like nothing else. Mathematics is often referred to as "The Queen of the Sciences", and uses a great deal of logic and quantitative reasoning.

As a result, mathematics has applications in numerous other subjects. In fact, many other subjects rely so heavily on mathematics that their most important questions are, fundamentally, math problems.

Mathematicians seek out patterns and use mathematical structures as models.

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Mathematicians often want to prove that certain statements about mathematical structures are true, and if the models are good approximations of the real world, mathematical reasoning can provide insight about nature and make predictions about the world around us.

Mathematics involves a great deal of logic, abstraction, problem-solving, counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of shapes and motion. Many math majors and students of advanced mathematics tend to use words such as "beautiful", "powerful", and "useful" when describing how they feel about the mathematics they learn.

The mathematics that you see in Calculus is only a small slice of the mathematics that exists and that you can study in college.

As a UH mathematics major, you will have the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses. After completing a set of core classes, you can develop breadth by sampling from different classes representing the main areas of mathematics, and you can develop depth by taking level sequences that help you specialize in an advanced aspect of mathematics.

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Also, if you progress quickly enough through the courses, it is even possible to take graduate math courses as an undergraduate. This can give you a wonderful jump start for graduate school, or make you more qualified and more employable for future jobs. If you are interested, math majors also have the opportunity to take directed reading courses and to participate in undergraduate research working with faculty members.

Here is a list of undergraduate math courses and a list of graduate math courses offered at UH. Can I still be a math major? There is plenty of time in a typical schedule to finish a math major if you begin in Precalculus or Calculus.Math Games.

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I like science and math, and I have mechanical aptitude. I can work on projects very carefully and thoroughly, with patience and determination. I'm interested in law, debate, government, and politics. Loyola University Chicago · W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago.

If you'd like to go to grad school, then a viable plan would be to major in math in college and go to an applied math program in grad school. That's what I ended up doing. That way, I got exposed to both the wonderful world of pure math, and am doing something that I want to pursue in the future in more depth.

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