Informative beauty contest

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Informative beauty contest

An alarming Facebook post was recently sent to me by some of my followers on social media. People close to me and those who have been following me for a long time know that my skin is far from perfect. On my YouTube channel and Informative beauty contest on my blog, I post beauty tips and I also share the treatments I get to combat my acne.

I have done a lot of treatments, tried a lot of products Informative beauty contest did several regimens for my acne.

Informative beauty contest

Back in the day, this can be bought over-the-counter and anyone can use it freely without regulations. This solution is so popular that even Mothers and Aunts know about it. I first learned about the "magical" acne solution in High-school.

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A was a teenager then and I saw some of my friends use it. They said it was taught to them by their Moms. So I never got to try it then. Take note that the transition happened in just a week! In the left photo, you will see how awful it was. My face was filled with active, cystic acne.

Real Asian Beauty: ESKINOL and DALACIN-C (PROS and CONS of Using It!)

My skin was rough and bumpy. I remember it also had nasty pus.

SEARCH THIS BLOG So that's what this blog post is all about:
Bikini - Wikipedia Learn more about Tori and The History Kitchen. She encouraged women to get in the kitchen and try something new.

Now, to the right of the photo, you will see my transformation. This is how my skin looks now. May I still get few bumps and minor pimple breakout, especially when I am on my period.

But nothing really radical or extreme. Now, before you get lured into rushing to the nearest drugstore to buy yourself a bottle of Eskinol and Dalacin-C, I really hope you could read through this whole blog post.

I will try my best to make this blog post as informative as possible. I have previously recommended this solution here on my blog and on my YouTube a couple of years ago.

I just knew it was effective and it worked on me so I thought of sharing it to my followers. But now that a lot of issue are rising, I felt that I had to follow-up my post. As a blogger and online influencer, I know that I have the social and moral responsibility on the things I post, stuff I say and products I recommend.

I want to make this blog post as comprehensive as possible. On the viral Facebook post that I read, I felt nothing but fear. I will not mention his name but he was really a big help while I was researching about this topic. Now, I want to post something that will not just scare the readers but will also give them enough knowledge on the matter.

The solution is made of just 2 components: The next step is to open the capsule, remove the cap of the Eskinol bottle and empty the capsule in the bottle. Mix the powder with the cleanser by putting the cap back on the shaking the bottle vigorously. After that, the solution is done and ready to be used.

At that time, it used to be available over-the-counter as if one was just buying a regular anti-headache tablet. You can see in the picture that aside from not knowing how to draw eyebrows I used to have pretty decent skin. I did have several spots but nothing that looked like it would lead to a major acne breakout.

That is why it came as a shock when I had the breakout in ! This was me in ! It could be stress or it could be hormones. It only costed me Php for the 2 ingredients.


I thought my acne would clear up but it did not! Actually, it became even more horrible! It was as if the pimples were aggravated! So, I stopped using the solution. But part of me honestly feels thankful.Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce is your premier Oregon Coast tourism and vacation information destination.

Informative beauty contest

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