How to write automated test scripts in qtp interview

Here are the top 50 Interview questions for the QTP. Image checkpoints enable you to check the properties of a Web image. You can check an area of a Web page or application as a bitmap.

How to write automated test scripts in qtp interview

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Yes, QTP enable us to call from one action to another action. There are two ways of calling action: This generates the reference to the action. We can access the action in read only mode.

In this no copy of existing script and data table is made. Explain different types of action in QTP? When generating the test script, it includes only one action.

Action contains the number of steps to be performed on application to test the application. There are three type of action in QTP: We can call external action but it will be available in read only mode we cannot perform any change to the External Action.

What is difference between Run time object and Test object? The difference between Run time Object and Test object are: Measuring transaction means that to measure how much time it take to execute a set of step over the application.

A transaction is collection of steps that we are intended to know how much time it take to execute. We can define the transaction by enclosing the set of steps with the start transaction and end transaction. Explain different checkpoints in QTP. Checkpoint is a point where QTP current value or property of the object with the expected value or property of the object.

When we insert the check point in the test, then in keyword view checkpoint is added in front of current row and in expert view a checkpoint statement is added. QTP enable us with following types of check point: In the Run Schedule window, select the Time Dependency tab.

The time and date of execution can be configured. Time dependency will be added to the relevant test. After time dependency has been added, navigate back to the Execution Grid pane. From the Execution Grid, select the tests to be run at the designated date and time.

From the Automatic Runner dialog, click Run All. Once Run All is clicked from the Automatic Runner dialog, the test status will change to Waiting and QC will fire the tests to be run at the scheduled date and time: QC will fire the tests in the sequence configured in the Execution Flow pane.

how to write automated test scripts in qtp interview

The Test Run Scheduler will show all the tests that were selected and are executing and are to be executed. What is expert view and keyword view? It contains the steps performed over the application in VBScript language.

When application response speed is not same as the test execution speed this may cause error. In order to remove this error we use Synchronization point.

Synchronization is done by making QTP test to wait until the application is ready for execution. For synchronization we can use: What is Keyword Driven Framework? For making Keyword Driven Framework we have two ways: What are benefits of QTP?

The benefits of QTP are: What is difference between design time and run time data table? The differences between Design time and Run time table are:Test Automation Framework Interview Questions And Answers: In this post, we will list out the most frequently asked test automation framework interview questions and can also find Advanced Selenium Interview Questions and TestNG Interview Questions.

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Here is a video tutorial. Most Frequently asked Automation Testing Interview Questions: QA Test Automation Interview Questions for beginners and advanced level candidates are listed in this tutorial.. Test automation plays a very important role in the entire software lifecycle.

+ Qtp Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is QTP? Question2: How does QTP recognize Objects in AUT? The same is possible with QTP also.

If our test cases are automated then by selecting Run Test set all the test scripts can be executed. In this process the Scripts get executed one by one by keeping all the remaining scripts. 3) Write your testing scripts according to the approach you chose Note.

QTP Repository way or Descriptive Programming belong to GUI recognition part of front-end functional test automation. Dear Readers, Welcome to QTP interview questions with answers and explanation. These 45 solved QTP questions will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests conducted during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals.

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