Hazardous substance risk assessment form

You cannot use a cost benefit assessment in deciding whether to take action in these cases. But you can consider the cost benefit in deciding which precautions are necessary.

Hazardous substance risk assessment form

Major Hazards - Proper Florescent Light Disposal To be accepted at a HHW collection florescent lights should be packaged individually so as to allow EH personnel to transfer individual lights to waste hauler disposal containers.

Florescent lights should NOT be wrapped or tapped together. This can easily break the lights especially the long fluorescent tubes causing a risk to yourself and EH personnel.

Hazardous substance risk assessment form

Only oil based paint, stains, mineral spirits and sealers are accepted during this event. Please make sure all lids are adequately sealed and that the containers are in good condition. Please make sure all containers are adequately sealed, reducing the risk of easily preventable spills.

Latex based paint is NOT accepted. Latex paint can be disposed of through a routine garbage collection, however it must be in a solidified state. A leakage of a mercury containing device could contaminate other material posing a health risk to EH personnel. If you know that there has been a mercury spill please Click Here.

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Mercury thermometers are fragile and require careful handling. Mercury thermometers and mercury containing devices MUST be placed in a zip lock bag. Workers will NOT accept gasoline in unapproved containers.

Containers will NOT be returned. Household cleaners are accepted at the collection. All products must be in properly labeled containers and in adequate condition. Fire extinguishers and 1 lb propane tanks are accepted. Propane tanks larger then 1 pound are NOT accepted.

Safety Statement and Risk Assessment - Health and Safety Authority

Lighter fuel or lamp oil is also accepted.Administrative Consent Agreement: A legally binding contract between a lead agency and responsible party that serves to resolve an environmental violation through an administrative settlement agreement rather than through a court action. Risk Assessment?

• Risk Assessment is the procedure by which the risks posed by inherent hazards and associated risk involved in . A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm.

Important: This Risk Assessment Form is a sample only. Each school must conduct its own risk assessment, taking into account all relevant local factors and conditions. Please consult your local OH&S Officer and procedures.

C. Risk Assessment (Establishing a Significant Risk of Skin Exposure) Risk is determined from the degree of hazard associated with a material, together with the degree of exposure. All hazardous chemicals (solid, liquid, gas, vapour, mist, fume, mixtures) that are or will be used in the work area must be identified and assessed.

This includes any hazardous chemicals that might HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES RISK ASSESSMENT FORM Author: Faculty of Science.

Safety Statement and Risk Assessment - Health and Safety Authority