Essays about dark city movie

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Essays about dark city movie

How to Write a Summary of an Article? It is all about action and thrilling scenes throughout the movie. The hero in this movie is obvious Bruce Wayne who is also the Batman and the villain is Bane. The Dark Knight Rises is a narrative film.

This movie is telling a fictional story using a series of events and other storylines throughout the film. The Cat Woman is introduced in this movie and it added another side story to the film.

Bane the villain of this movie is trying to take over the city of Gotham. Batman must come back and help the city out from potential disaster. The Batman decides that the city of Gotham needs him to stop Bane from destroying the city.

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A quick summary of the main parts of the movie are that there were several events during the movie that gave Bane more power and control and eventually was able to take control over the city of Gotham. He tries to fight Bane, but he was too strong for him. Bane takes Batman to where he once lived at during his childhood years.

He makes his return to the city of Gotham just in the nick of time. Batman gets to Bane at the city council building and they have another showdown between each other and this time it looks like that the Batman comes out on top, but Miranda Tate stabs the Batman in the stomach.

Bane was then about to finish off the Batman, until the Cat Woman comes out of nowhere and shoots Bane to his death. Then they are able to chase down Miranda Tate and got the bomb, but there was no time to defuse it completely, so the Batman had o make a snap decision and flies the bomb away from Gotham and it explodes in the water miles away from the city.

Everyone thought the Batman was dead. There is definitely some foreshadowing going on in this movie. In the previous batman movies there was some foreshadowing being done as well. It is an underground secret project that has been going on for quite some time.

If the bomb got into the wrong hands there was a way that they could flood the underground area where the reactor is holding the bomb to prevent a disaster from happening.

That is foreshadowing that the Batman is not going to die in this movie. It is also foreshadowing when Alfred tells Bruce Wayne that he will see him one day at a place in another part of the world with a wife and will not speak to him and go about his business.

This scene actually comes at the end of the movie. The hero of the movie is Batman also known as Bruce Wayne. He has a few flaws and weaknesses that are shown throughout the movie.

Another weakness is that he has a lot of emotions. He will not allow anyone to know about the clear water project he is afraid that it will leak out to the public. It is hard for him to trust certain people. On the human side of things he needs to knee brace to not limp around anymore. At the beginning scenes of the movie it would show Bruce Wayne using a walking cane to get around the house and other places as well.

There are a lot of transitions going on in this movie and they make it occur all at the same time throughout the movie. I think it that the producers and writers of the movie did a great job with all of the transitions.

There are many different storylines going on, but they all have some sort of link to one another.

Essays about dark city movie

It made the movie more thrilling to watch though. It also made the plot of the movie more interesting. This film is told in a linear story with some flashbacks, which help the audience understand what is going on better. The trilogy of Batman though is one long movie if you think about it.

It was done episodically. Christopher Nolan decided to break it down into three different movies. He did a fantastic job of leaving the suspense of what is going to happen in the next movie after each one had ended.Alex Proyas the director of Dark City takes ideas and ambience from many movies and integrates them all neatly in his visually amazing film.

A cross between science fiction, film noir, dark comics, classic horror and early German films, Dark City fails to .

Essays about dark city movie

A detailed and comprehensive film synopsis, analysis, and critique. Top Successful College Essays. Get into the college of your dreams! We hope these essays inspire you as you write your own personal statement. Just remember to . Dark City ()- Alex Proyas Genre-Dark City, directed by Alex Proyas is a dystopian Sci-fi film, whilst also venturing into neo-noir where it portrays a world without God and ultimately without light, where the connotations warmth, love and comfort is derived from.

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