Cons for computer internet surveillance

March 7th, Very few businesses will now not use computers. However, there are the chances that the staff will use the computers for their own use. You need to make sure their work time is spent doing their work, which is where internet monitoring tools come in handy.

Cons for computer internet surveillance

It may be a CCTV system. It could be electronic surveillance which monitors internet or email use. One thing is for certain: What Are the Pros of Employee Monitoring? It helps to eliminate fraud and waste. With a world that seems to be more connected every day, employee monitoring can help employers determine who is being productive and who is doing their online banking while on the clock, visiting social gaming sites, or even watching porn.

It limits the potential of creating a hostile work environment. Imagine there is an employee that is watching videos while at work that show violence toward women. Employee monitoring limits this rather effectively.

It can protect records against possible litigation. Lawsuits are a serious issue for businesses today. Emails are a written record that can be submitted as evidence.

Employee monitoring can help to make sure the quality of these emails are where they need to be so that security breaches, accidental misuse, and other potentially costly legal issues are limited.

It can protect the quality of the work. When employees are monitored, what is ultimately being looked at is their performance and the quality of the work that is being produced.

Government spying on citizens

If mistakes or errors can be seen, then they can be caught immediately so that the employee can be trained in the moment instead of days or weeks later. It can eventually generate trust in an employee. They might spend 6 hours per day online.

Through the monitoring process, you can verify what that employee is doing and what their productivity happens to be. What Are the Cons of Employee Monitoring?

It can injure employee trust. Depending upon the culture of the workplace, this could be an injury that goes beyond repair. This is especially true if the monitoring is implemented some time after an employee has been hired or employees have built a reputation for doing the right thing.

It can reduce motivation and commitment. There may be privacy issues involved. There are certain laws in place, dating back as far asthat prohibit the interception of communication or accessing stored communications in an authorized way.

Phone calls and emails are exempt, but other monitoring requires employee consent and that consent is often assumed instead of asked for by employers today.

There is a certain cost involved. To implement employee monitoring, there must be an investment in the technology that makes it happen. There are also staffing costs involved because someone has to look at the data which is being collected. Who will watch the watchers? This is where the debate about employee monitoring often goes.

Who is watching the people who are monitoring employees? Eventually there is someone or a team that is above the implemented standards of monitoring and the power of that position can lead to abuses.Nov 30,  · So, my "pros and cons" list takes into consideration all of the means and parties capable of carrying out "mass surveillance" in all of its forms, including listening to my phone calls, poking into my e-mail, or looking over my back fence.

From that perspective, it might very well look different from those of a lot of other people. Nov 08,  · At China’s Internet Conference, a Darker Side of Tech Emerges.

The World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, has long showcased flashy new tech.

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Network surveillance is the monitoring of computer activity in a network. It is usually done covertly by organizations, governments or individuals to monitor illegal activities. A network engineer/operator, network equipment manufacturer or service provider should have the means to do surveillance tasks related to networking.

Cons for computer internet surveillance

There are clearly many pros and cons for using internet monitoring. Many companies opt for a filtering solution rather than monitoring.

Cons for computer internet surveillance

By filtering the internet connection certain types of websites are blocked. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Simple installation: the installation of network cameras is very simple, only power and networks connection are needed.

Scope of applications: apply to home, offices, enterprises, . The topics those become evident to discuss when we want to know about advantages and disadvantages of surveillance system are – Prism, the surveillance strategy of the National Security Agency, the death of Trayvon Martin and the ascent of surveillance by the government that record everything.

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