Chapter 11 in a contest all

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Chapter 11 in a contest all

Qualification; petition of candidacy; time limit for challenge; declaration of candidacy. Qualifications; requirements; duties; compensation. Duties of Secretary of State and county clerk; costs. Omission and appearance of names on primary ballot; omission and appearance of names on general ballot.

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Methods in which ballot is to be voted. Form; names of candidates to be grouped alphabetically; exception.

Voting materials to be provided in English and other languages as required by federal law or as authorized by county or city clerk. Prerequisites to voting at polling place and to voting by mail; applicability of section; exceptions.

General conditions; declaration or application. Specific prerequisites; completion of written affirmation; contents of affirmation; provision of receipt; notation on roster; provisional ballot limited to purpose of voting for candidates for federal offices.

Preparation; reasonable accommodations for use by persons who are elderly or disabled; time for distribution; ineffectiveness of legal actions to prevent issuance. Deposit of voted ballot; delivery for counting.

Preparation before polls open each day. Duties of election board at close of each voting day; duties of ballot board for early voting and county clerk at close of last voting day. Transmission to public libraries or posting upon website. Demand; advance deposit of costs.

Statement of contest and other documents and materials to be filed with Secretary of State; ability of contestant to amend statement of contest; list of witnesses; depositions, investigation and presentation of evidence.

Seating of candidate with highest number of votes; withdrawal of statement of contest; hearing and deciding of contest by appropriate house of Legislature; certificates of election; remedy.

Filing of documents and other evidence with Secretary of State; seating of candidate; duties of Secretary of State and Legislature; withdrawal of contest.

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Distribution of copies; contents; limitation on printing costs; request for and use by committees of political parties; fees. Creation; deposit of money in Account; disposition of interest and income; authority of Secretary of State to disburse, expend and receive money; payment of claims.

Chapter 11 in a contest all

Citizenship; age; residence; registration. Creation; duties; duty of Secretary of State to cooperate with Secretary of Defense to allow persons to preregister or register at military recruitment offices. Forms; distribution; contents; requirements regarding identification and residence; use of affidavits and identification numbers under certain circumstances; regulations.

Forms must include option to receive sample ballot in larger type. County clerk authorized to provide forms to persons upon request; requirements for request; records to be kept by county clerk in response to request.

Agreement with United States Postal Service or other authorized person for use of data by county clerk. Identification of registered voter who has moved; notices to registered voter. Appearance before county clerk or field registrar.ASMC N Alfred Street Alexandria, VA () or () Fax: () The provisions of this chapter apply to vehicles upon the highways and elsewhere throughout the State unless expressly provided otherwise.


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6/2/ PM] TITLE 24 - ELECTIONS. CHAPTER - ELECTIONS. GENERAL PROVISIONS. NRS Definitions.. NRS “Absent ballot” defined.. NRS “Absent voter” defined.. NRS “Abstract of votes” defined.. NRS “Active registration” defined. § § § § § §§ § § § §§ § § § § § § § § a § § § § §

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