An analysis of the topic of the suffrage for the people

History of feminism The ancient world There is scant evidence of early organized protest against such circumscribed status.

An analysis of the topic of the suffrage for the people

Women could be fined and arrested for voting. Anthony was fined and arrested after she voted for the presidential election in In this essay, I will show seven elements of descriptive analysis that would be analyzed as follows: Firstly, the purpose of the speech is to fight for the suffrage for women.

The speaker needed the right to vote in political elections. The desired purpose from the audience is to have a voting right like American male citizens. She needed the support and move from public for the next step in gaining equal rights.

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Secondly, the tone of the speaker toward the subject is liberal. Thirdly, the opening paragraph is an introduction that narrows the subject. It is her personal experience. The speaker developed the topic to fight for the right for women to vote and she presented it throughout the speech.

The method used to conclude is refutation. Women discrimination should be banned throughout the country.

The speaker linked one topic to another by logical order. She used cause and effect organization in the speech.

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Her first cause is the accusation made because she voted for presidential election and the effect is giving this speech to ask for the political right paragraph 1.

It effected The third cause is the equality of men and women. It leads to the effect that Anthony asked for women discrimination to be eliminated in the whole country because it has no legal legitimacy force in several states paragraph 5.

An analysis of the topic of the suffrage for the people

She used irony and sarcasm in her speech. The irony is in sentences from the preamble and the first sentence in paragraph 2. It is ironic that the Constitution states that rights are given to all people, but just white male or male citizens have rights for vote. Congress could approve the law for women.

The laws and constitutions in various states allow women to vote, but she wanted all States. The agents of change in her speech are U. She wanted them to realize that they were all citizens. Women and men should be treated equally. More importantly, all citizens should fight against this discrimination.

Fifthly, the speaker acts as a victim of this injustice, and a woman who was alleged crime to make a vote. She was arrested and fined for committing crime breaking the laws. She was a woman who was there, who did vote for her own right, and was accused for that.

She was a victim of the society representing all women in the U. S who had no suffrage.How to Write a Thesis Statement. Whether you're writing a short essay or a doctoral dissertation, your thesis statement can be one of the trickiest sentences to formulate.

Fortunately, there are some basic rules you can follow to ensure.

An analysis of the topic of the suffrage for the people

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From the book: Women and Gender in Southern Africa to edited by Cherryl Walker Question: Do you favour votes for all women, irrespective of colour Answer: As a woman, sir, yes”¦ but as a South African born person, I feel that it would be wiser if we gave the vote to the European woman only’ (from The Report of the Select Committee on the Enfranchisement of Women, SC).

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