A film analysis of thank you for smoking starring aaron eckhart

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A film analysis of thank you for smoking starring aaron eckhart

The first series, consisting of eight episodes, was originally transmitted on BBC Three between 29 June and 17 August The Christmas Special was first transmitted on 20 December A second series of eight episodes began airing on 26 July The second series was released on 16 October ; a boxed set containing both series was released on the same date.

England's smoking banwhich prohibits indoor smoking in workplaces, came into force on 1 Julyas a result of which internal smoking rooms, like the one in which the series is set, became illegal. The series is entirely set in the smoking room Room B, although, in the second season, the sign on one door says B in the basement of the offices of a fictitious company.

Most of the people seen in the smoking room are workers in the building. Room B is L-shaped and contains office-style tables and chairs, and a hot drinks machine which often malfunctions.

It has two doors that lead to the same corridor and is drably decorated in a dull yellow with signs of water damage on one wall. Company related notices adorn the walls and old furniture and office equipment is stacked in the corner.

Only occasional glimpses of the outside world are seen through the room's misted glass. Although each episode contains a distinct storyline, the series is fundamentally character and dialogue driven.

Each episode's story is generally self-contained although there are some ongoing story threads, such as the gradual revelation of Robin's sexuality to the other characters and his unrequited infatuation with Ben from the post room.

Theme music The theme music for the programme is " Close to Me " by The Cureused without the vocals. TV Main characters There are ten main characters though not all appear in each episode.

Most of the characters are somewhat disaffected with their lives and jobs.

Ultimate Addict:

The smoking room is an oasis where they can relax, indulge and shut out the rest of the world. Due to a rule devised by Clint, discussion of work-related matters "shop talk" is forbidden in the smoking room, though there are some brief work-related discussions.

Some characters spend long stretches in the room, with some present for most or all of a thirty-minute episode. The occasional non-smoker also drops by the room. There is a general camaraderie between several of the smokers.

Annie Debbie Chazen Annie is 29 and works in the graphics department. She considers herself rather ' New Age ' and sometimes talks about past-life experiences. She will accept theories from anywhere, including a souvenir mug with a picture of Vishnu on it, and a self-help CD she listened to, but didn't buy, in the middle of HMV.

She can be very over-emotional and attention-seeking and is always telling dramatic stories about herself which seem unlikely, although when Sally challenges her about her claim to have been trapped in a photo booth for three hours Annie is easily able to provide photographic evidence.

A film analysis of thank you for smoking starring aaron eckhart

She is constantly looking for a boyfriend and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to retain one including dressing as the male police officer who directed the Fred West case. She seems to have the busiest sex life of anyone in the room but hasn't managed to find love. Her choice of men is misguided.

One married man she dated sent private photographs he took of her to a pornographic magazine, it is implied Barry saw these pictures. She had a liaison with Clint at Lucy Wu's party, which we learn about in Episode Three, and in Episode Five she buys him some chocolates for Valentine's Day but this appears to be a passing fancy.

She flirts outrageously with Janet's nephew, Dominic, in Episode Ten.


Annie is always sponging cigarettes, change for the drinks machine and food from the other characters, occasionally using emotional blackmail to increase her chances of success. She is prepared to eat almost anything, including a half-eaten salad dusted with cigarette ash and a mauled unwrapped Toffo.

Despite the fact that she smokes somebody's cigarettes in every episode, usually Sally's, she doesn't regard herself as a smoker. She considers herself to be an artist and, although she says that she became a graphic designer because she likes designing posters, she finds her job unfulfilling.

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In Episode Ten she arrives with a collection of homemade ashtrays which she tries to sell to her colleagues, despite the fact that the paint is highly flammable. Barry Jeremy Swift Barry is divorced and approaching He is neurotic and obsessive to the point of hoarding used matchessuffering from many phobias some verging on the ridiculous, although he is oddly unfazed by a real crisis.

He seems bumbling and insecure, though his portrait from shows him as somewhat fashionable and confident. We learn that he joined the company as a graduate of Oxford Polytechnic and that Sharon was his secretary. They had a tentative romance which foundered when Barry got the venue of a date wrong; it takes them twenty years to discuss the misunderstanding.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

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November 29, 2006

Thank You for Smoking () A damning commentary on the relationship between government and big business, Thank You for Smoking focuses on the life of Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), a tobacco lobbyist who spends his life trying to convince the world that there is no link between smoking .

THANK YOU FOR SMOKING Jason Reitman (son of Ivan) turns director with a cynical satire on the culture of spin. Aaron Eckhart plays a slick tobacco industry lobbyist.

Aaron Eckhart plays a slick. Aaron Eckhart was great in “Thank You For Smoking” as a fast-talking lobbyist for the vices of America. However, white suits in a tropical locale do not seem to befit him.

As I haven’t read Hunter S. Thompson’s book either (you try reading a book for pleasure – that takes longer than watching a movie!), I do not know which character. The Dark Knight is a superhero film directed, produced, and co-written by Christopher urbanagricultureinitiative.coming the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the second part of Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy and a sequel to 's Batman Begins, starring an ensemble cast including Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman.

A film analysis of thank you for smoking starring aaron eckhart
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